• Mono Touch and Android dotnet fun! October 11th 6:30 p.m.

    The proof is in the pudding! We have had sessions on Mono Touch and Mono for Android and now its time to show how they work together. Besides the fact that you can write c# code and create Android and iOS apps, you can also use the power of dotnet assemblies and share code.

    Well we will attempt to do just that. We will take a business logic dll written in dotnet and share it between the Mono Touch and Mono for Android projects. Brian Starr will code the business logic dll and the iOS UI and Parag Joshi will duplicate the same on the android side.

    At the end we will have shared code running in iOS and Android apps. RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/All-Things-Mobile-Cincinnati/events/74564212/

  • More MonoTouch magic! Sept 13th.

    Last session we had an introduction to MonoTouch for iOS and saw how easy it is to write code in c# and build iOS apps. We will have a deeper dive in October for iOS but now it’s time to see MonoTouch for android. We will contrast and compare MonoTouch versus core android development. RSVP at