• Android Lab V on Debugging with Android

    Introducing memory leaks and using too much heap space are easy things to do in some Android applications. And with a 32 MB default heap space on some devices (like the Nexus 7,) your app can run out of heap space quickly. When it does, the stack trace of an OutOfMemory exception is little help in finding your application’s memory problem.

    Lets take a look at avoiding, detecting, finding and fixing memory problems in Android applications using DDMS.

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  • Android Lab IV

    In this session we will look at some advanced aspects of android like dealing with fragments and handling storage. We will also look at impacts of newer technologies like Bluetooth LE.

    Come with the android development pre loaded and we will provide some sample code that can be used to follow along.
    Previous attendance at Android Labs I through III is not required but will be helpful to have basic android knowledge.

    Here is an article explaining fragments: http://developer.android.com/guide/components/fragments.html

    and one explaining storage


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