• Hands on Arduino and Introduction to Raspberry PI By Dave Gordley on May 14

    Bring your computer and if you have one, a Arduino Uno. If you do not have an Arduino, we will have some to practice with.


      Different types of Arduino
      Your First Arduino Sketch
      How to hook up external components to the Arduino
      How to make things move with the Arduino
      What is a Arduino Shield
      Raspberry PI

    Different Models of Raspberry PI

      Differing Distros for Raspberry PI
      Making a Raspberry PI Arcade Machine
      How you can run Windows 10 on a Raspberry PI

  • Back to Basics with Swift Playground 2 on Apr 9th 2015

    This session we will continue looking at other features of swift playground. Additionally we will walk through creating projects in swift and how we can interact with objective c libraries.

    This session will focus on using the pebble SDK from a swift project. Time permitting we will take a brief look at creating apps for Apple watch.