• Raspberry PI by Dave Gordley on August 13th

    After the last session on 3D printers, the fun continues.

    This meetup we will take a look at various aspects and programming with Raspberry PI. Areas covered :

    Different Distros

    Game Machines ect.

    Windows 10

    Total Mobile computer

    What are other things for


    External Touchscreen

    How to program

    Lights and motion

    If you have a PI bring it and have some fun programming.

  • 3D Printing presented by Dave Gordley on July 9th

    Dave will be covering various aspects of 3D printing:

    Outline of talk:

    Picking the printer that fits your needs and budget.

    Getting the right filament.

    Other Tools



    Fixing your print

    Where to get models to print

    Creating your own models

    Slicing Your Models

    Free Slicers

    Paid Slicers




    Future visions of 3D printing

    Special Swag

  • Apple Watch Basics on June 11th

    After a fun session with arduino ( Dave will do a follow on with 3D Printers in August) we will take a look in depth at the latest apple device in the market: The Apple Watch!

    We will cover the key development paradigms as they relate to apple watch app development. We will take a look at the ecosystem as well as the interaction between the iPhone and the watch.

    Lastly we will contrast the Pebble with the Apple watch.

    You don’t need a Mac to follow along.