• OpenId and Push Notifications with Windows Azure Mobile Services

    Congrats to Kim and Suganthi for winning the CodeMash Challenge!

    For March, we are going to continue down the path set by the Feb meeting on notifications and cover Push Notifications and OpenId integration with Windows Azure Mobile Services.

    Windows Azure mobile services allows us to easily add OpenId Integration and a cloud backend as well as gives us the ability to do push notifications. We will create an app and add OpenId integration as well as a basic cloud backend and then we will explore how to send push notifications to the users. See http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/mobile for more information.

  • Notify Me!

    That’s right! We are not meeting in December as we have a Cinnug party. All Cincy Mobile group members are welcome to join. RSVP for December 20th party and game nite at cinnug.eventbrite.com.

    Jan meeting will be held directly at CodeMash! So next meeting at Max is on Feb 21st( note the changed date for Feb 2013. Our guess is no one will be mobile savvy on Feb 14th!).

    We will cover notifications on IOS , android and Windows Phone. Notifications are a key component of many apps. Mathew Sheets will be on hand to explain how notifications work.

    Also by popular vote, the developer(s) of the best CodeMash conference app will get their pick out of the raffle box!

    Remember it must be a new or modified app for CodeMash 2013.

    Our sister group is meeting on Dec 19th and they will be covering Google Cloud Messaging on android. See details at
    http://www.meetup.com/cincy-android/events/91344972/ if interested in attending.