Back to Basics – Part 2

Playground files:

intro to swift.playground

Here is a screen cast put together so you can review what was covered. Refer to PluralSight and WWDC 2014 videos for comprehensive training.

Back to Basics – Part 1
Here are the downloads for this lab.
Note: These code samples / labs are provided for learning purpose only. They should not be construed as production quality code or used as such.

Feel free to use to code , modify it as you see fit for your learning.
1) AllAboutIntents

2) AllAboutIntentsAndBundles

3) Back_to_Basics_Labs 2

Android LAB III – Kim Painter

Here are the downloads for this lab:



Additionally here is a link to Android Dev Tools

A couple of resources that are also important for setting up mocking location data

Location Strategies

DDMS tool

Here is an article that explains why getting location data does not work in the emulator: